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JDB DApp: Your all-in-one tool for tracking profitable wallets, on-chain analytics and hot tokens in the crypto market.

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The JDB DApp enables you to:

  • Conduct deep analysis of token transactions across various blockchain networks (ETH, BNB, and ARB).

  • Find the most profitable wallets to identify top traders and understand their strategies.

  • Perform risk analysis on tokens. Each token is classified into a risk category (Normal, Risky, High Risk, Probably Scam), protecting you from potential scams.

  • Follow wallets and receive notifications (via the DApp or Telegram) as soon as they make trades, keeping you updated at all times.

  • Discover Hot Tokens: Leveraging data-driven insights, the JDB DApp curates a selection of tokens that have been recently purchased but not yet sold by the most profitable wallets. This feature provides an additional layer of insight, letting you stay ahead of market trends and giving you a glimpse into the future moves of successful crypto traders.

  • Buy Pressure Tokens: Dive into the list of tokens currently experiencing strong buy pressure, i.e., more buy volume than sell volume. They are sorted based on the formula: Buy Volume - Sell Volume. The table also displays the risk classification, number of buys and sells, blockchain, token name, token address, and risk classification comments.

  • Explore Newly Detected Tokens: As soon as tokens are identified in our backend, they are listed in the JDB DApp along with a security check report. This feature empowers you to discover and evaluate new tokens with ease, staying on the cutting edge of the crypto market.

  • Uncover the Biggest Trades: Gain access to an organized list of wallets that have made the largest trades within the last 24 hours, sorted by USD amount. This unique feature offers insights into significant market activity and can guide your investment strategies.

  • Use 'My Wallet' for Personal Insights: Get a comprehensive overview of your trades, your performance, and your holdings. This feature allows you to manage and evaluate your portfolio efficiently, providing a clear view of your investment journey.

  • We're working towards a future with automated copy trading. You can profit by automatically replicating the trades of the most successful wallets, providing an efficient and profitable trading strategy without constant market monitoring.

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