🔥Hot Tokens Page

The Hot Tokens page on the JDB DApp allows you to see the most recent purchases made by the most profitable wallets in the ETH, BNB, and ARB blockchain networks.

Hot Tokens

The exciting part is that these tokens haven't been sold yet! Essentially, you get to view the latest purchases made by wallets that are known for generating substantial profits, allowing you to potentially hop on to profitable opportunities.

At the top of the page, you can use filters to customize your view:

1. Duration: Filter the profit of the displayed most profitable wallets within a specific time period.

2. Blockchain: Choose from which blockchain network you'd like to display tokens.

The table on this page provides the following additional columns of information:

  • Buy: This shows when the token was purchased.

  • Token Contract Address: This column shows the contract address of the token.

  • Token Name: The name of the token.

  • Risk: Our risk classification for the token.

  • Lock: Information whether the liquidity of the token is locked or not.

  • Liquidity in USD: Information about the liquidity pool of the token.

  • Market Cap: The market cap of the token.

  • MPW (Most Profitable Wallet): Indicates which most profitable wallet executed the trade.

  • Median X of the Wallet: This indicates the average performance of the corresponding wallet.

  • Profit MPW: This shows the profit of the most profitable wallet within the selected time period above.

With the Hot Tokens page, you are one step ahead, having insights into what profitable traders are buying, aiding your decision-making process in the trading world.