💵JDB Limit Orders

Welcome to the advanced Limit Orders feature of the JDB Trading Bot, a unique selling point that enhances your trading strategy.

JDB Trading Bot: Autobuy, Autosell, and Limit Orders

Key Features

  • Unlimited Simultaneous Orders: Strategize with multiple target points.

  • Zero Transaction Fees: Adding or removing limit orders is free.

  • Simulation Assurance: Backend simulations guarantee the accuracy of your defined ETH amount.

  • Pre-ownership Orders: Set buy and sell orders before owning any tokens, enabling fully automated trading.

  • Trailing Stop-Loss: Automatically adjusts your stop-loss level as the market moves.

Current Functionality

Our MVP release includes:

  1. Sell Orders (Take Profit): Triggered at specific Token Prices or Market Caps.

  2. Buy Orders (DCA): Triggered at designated Token Prices or Market Caps.

  3. Stop Loss Orders: Activated at certain Token Prices or Market Caps.

  4. Trailing Stop-Loss: Continuously adjusts the stop-loss threshold as the market value rises, ensuring better profit margins.

    • Example: Set at 25% with a Market Cap of $100,000. If it drops to $85,000, the order triggers. However, if the value climbs to $200,000, then drops to $150,000, the order also triggers, reflecting the adjusted value.

Setting Up Limit Orders

  • Accessible from the Scan Token Page: Scan Token Page

  • "Type" - Order Type: Choose between Sell, Buy, or Stop Loss.

  • "What" - Order Quantity: Specify the percentage of holdings to sell or the ETH amount for buy orders.

  • "When" - Trigger Condition: Set the order to trigger at a specific Market Cap or Token Price.

  • Percent Trailing Stop Loss: Enter the percentage for the trailing stop-loss.

  • You Get: Indicates the calculated outcome from the order, which is being tested through simulation while executing the order. However, due to market volatility and the potential for faster transactions by others, the actual received amount may vary.


Despite high execution rates in tests, crypto tokens' volatility means we can't guarantee execution at the specified Market Cap or Token Price.

Managing Active Limit Orders

  • View and Delete Orders: On the TradingBot Page (all orders) or Scan Token Page (token-specific orders).

  • Modifying Orders: Delete the existing order and set a new one on the Scan Token Page.

  • No Limits on Orders: Set or delete an unlimited number of orders without incurring gas fees.

Embrace the power of JDB's Limit Orders to streamline and secure your trading experience. Stay tuned for more feature enhancements based on community feedback!

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