💲Database / My Wallet Page

The Database / My Wallet Page is a comprehensive page providing rich and detailed information about your wallet or the wallet you've scanned.

Database / My Wallet

This page might take a bit longer to load due to the large amount of data that needs to be analyzed and presented. It utilizes the TimeTravelMode (TTM) to fetch and analyze past transactions, going as far back as 200 transactions in the past. Once the TTM notifications, displayed in the top right corner, turn green, you can refresh the page to access all the data.

The key features of this page are:

1. Wallet Info: Here, you can see the overall trading statistics of your wallet or the scanned wallet. This includes percentiles (similar to the Most Profitable Wallets page), profit/loss, the value of all held tokens, and the paid transaction fees.

2. Current Holdings: You can view your current holdings here, across different blockchains!

3. Analyzed Trades: This section displays the recent trades or sells of your or the scanned wallet and their performance. It's an overview where you can finally see at which tokens the wallet traded with what X value/profit/loss.

Here are the tags for the trading behaviour:

  • Paperhands: These wallets sell on average at a loss.

  • Fast Seller: These wallets sell on average with a maximum 1.5x profit or selling within 2 days.

  • Trader: These wallets sell on average with a 1.5x-5x profit.

  • Most Profitable Wallet: These wallets sell on average with a minimum 5x profit.

4. Buys and Sells: A clear and concise display of this wallet's recent trades. No need to sift through a blockchain explorer for hours, everything is laid out clearly and straightforwardly.

5. Transfers: Finally, an overview where you can see a wallet's transfers. You can see which token was transferred from which wallet to which wallet and when. Full transparency at last.

With these features, the Database / My Wallet Page provides an in-depth view into your wallet's or a scanned wallet's trading activities and performance, aiding you in optimizing your trading strategies and making informed decisions.