💰Most Profitable Wallets Page

On the Most Profitable Wallets page, you can access a table showcasing the most profitable wallets across the entire DeFi crypto landscape.

Most Profitable Wallets

General Settings

These wallets represent traders who have proven to generate significant returns on their trades.

In the upper menu, you can adjust the following filters:

1. Duration: Set the time period over which you want to identify the most profitable wallets.

2. Blockchain: Select the blockchain from which you want to view the most profitable wallets.

Most Profitable Wallets Table

Just below these filters, you will find a table detailing the most profitable wallets. Here's what each column represents:

  1. Sells: This column displays the number of sells we've tracked from each wallet.

  2. Tokens: This shows the number of unique tokens the wallet has traded.

  3. <5%X: This is the 5th percentile of the wallet's profit multiplier factor (X). This implies that in 95% of trades, the wallet has a profit multiplier more significant than this value.

  4. <50%X: This is the median of the wallet's profit multiplier.

  5. <95%X: This is the 95th percentile of the wallet's profit multiplier, suggesting that only in 5% of trades, the profit multiplier was greater than this value.

  6. <05%MC: This is the 5th percentile of the market cap range in which the wallet trades, meaning that in 95% of its trades, the market cap is higher than indicated.

  7. <95%MC: This is the 95th percentile of the market cap range, meaning that in only 5% of trades, the wallet trades with a higher market cap.

  8. Positive Trade Ratio: This metric represents the percentage of token sales that were conducted at a profit by the wallet. For example, a ratio of 90% means that 90 out of every 100 sales made by that wallet resulted in profit.

  9. Profit/Loss: This column shows the dollar profit or loss made by the wallet in the chosen time period

This page provides an excellent opportunity to examine the behavior of successful wallets and adapt your trading strategies accordingly. Always remember, the crypto market is highly volatile, and past success doesn't guarantee future returns. Please trade responsibly.