๐Ÿค‘JDB Trading Bot

Welcome to the JDB TradingBot, your premier browser-based trading tool designed to not just meet, but exceed your trading expectations. This documentation will guide you through its use.

We are thrilled to release the JDB Trading Bot as a fully functional minimum viable product (MVP). This initial release marks just the beginning of our journey. We are committed to a continuous development approach where we will implement new features step by step, progressively enhancing the botโ€™s capabilities, such as limit orders etc according to the needs of our community.

Together, we will foster a trading bot that is not only robust and reliable but also moulded to perfection through the collaborative efforts of the JDB community and its dynamic developmental strides. Disclaimer: The JDB Trading Bot currently supports only Uniswap V2. If interacting with a split Uniswap V2/V3 pool, please ensure to verify potential price discrepancies before proceeding

1. Get Started:

  1. Connect: Link your preferred Web3.0 wallet to the JDB DApp and sign in. Remember the wallet you've connected as it forms the crucial access to your new generated wallet. How to? Click here!

  2. Generate: Visit the JDB TradingBot Page and create a new wallet using the "Generate Wallet" button. After generation, the private key of your new wallet is displayed. Copy it, paste it in the popup to ensure safety, and store it securely. We recommend importing the wallet into a popular Web3.0 wallet such as Metamask or Trust Wallet.

  3. View Wallet: Find your newly generated wallet address under "Your Wallet".

  4. Fund Wallet: To start trading, transfer funds (in ETH) to your new wallet.

2. Wallet Info:

  1. Wallet Overview: A holistic view of your wallet's trading stats including profit/loss metrics, total token value, and transaction fees is available here.

  2. Current Holdings: Here, your assets across various blockchains are displayed along with Buy and Sell buttons for swift and efficient trading, bypassing traditional Web3.0 delays.

    • Claim: Claim your holdings (provided you have sufficient ETH funds for the gas fees in your Trading Wallet) by clicking on the "Claim" button. Here you can set the amount you wish to transfer to your connected and signed wallet.

    • Refresh Button: Post purchase, due to third-party latency, there might be a delay in reflecting your holdings. We've integrated a Refresh button, allowing you to update your current holdings without reloading the entire page.

3. Buy with the JDB Trading Bot:

Find the Buy button on every table containing tokens, the Scan Token Page, and of course, the Trading Bot Page. Use it to buy tokens at lightning speed. Hereโ€™s how:

  1. Select your desired amount in ETH. Options available are:

    • Your predefined amount set in the settings on the Trading Bot Page

    • 0.1 ETH

    • 0.25 ETH

    • 0.5 ETH

    • 0.75 ETH

    • 1 ETH

  2. Click Buy โ€“ and you're done!

  3. Find the purchased token in "Current Holdings" on your Trading Bot Page and on the corresponding Scan Token Page.

4. Sell with the JDB Trading Bot:

On the Trading Bot Page under "Current Holdings" and the corresponding Scan Token Page, you have the option to sell your tokens rapidly, following these steps:

  1. Choose the proportion of tokens to sell, options available are:

    • 10%

    • 25%

    • 50%

    • 75%

    • 100%

    • Custom (based on your predefined settings)

  2. Click on the Sell Button - done!

5. Settings:

  1. Trading Settings:

    • Slippage: Maintain this setting to ensure your transactions go through successfully. Rest easy with MEV Protection enabled, protecting you from front running.

  2. Default Buy Amount in ETH: Replace the amounts in the dropdown menu beside the Buy buttons with your preferred ETH amount.

  3. Default Sell Amount: Define the portion of your total tokens to sell, displayed in the Sell Buttons dropdown menus on the JDB TradingBot Page.

  4. Buy Confirmation: Activating this will allow you to adjust the Slippage, Buy Amount/Sell Amount, and activate the MEV Protection before confirming the Buy action.

  5. Advanced Settings (for knowledgeable traders):

  • Gas Limit: Standard is 500000. Set your willing max gas price.

  1. MEV Protection: Activate to prevent being front run or sandwich attacked.

6. Analyzed Sells:

Get a comprehensive view of the recent trades/sells of the TradingBot Wallet, offering insights into trading patterns and token performance. Tags elucidate the trading behavior:

  • Paperhands: Wallets typically selling at a loss.

  • Fast Seller: Wallets selling on average at max 1.5x profit or within 2 days of acquisition.

  • Trader: Average sell is between a 1.5x-5x profit.

  • Most Profitable Wallet: An average sell is at a staggering 5x profit or more.

7. Buys and Sells:

A transparent log of your wallet's recent trades. Every purchase line has a "Sell" button, aiding in instant trades via the DApp, evading the extended Web3.0 waiting times.

8. Fees with the JDB Trading Bot:

Trading Fees

The JDB Trading Bot operates with a standard trading fee of 1%.

However, we believe in rewarding our staunch supporters. Therefore, if you hold more than 100,000 JDB tokens in the wallet used to generate your new trading wallet, you qualify for a reduced fee of 0.5%. This substantial discount is our way to thank you for your trust and commitment to the JDB ecosystem.

15% of the generated revenues will initially be used for Buybacks and later for rewards for the JDB token holder.

9. Error Messages and Their Meanings:

  • "There was a problem with your transaction. Invalid params - Data: "tx [...] failed node validation with error: insufficient funds for gas * price + value: balance [...], tx cost [...], overshot [...]"

    • Means you don't have enough funds for the gas fees.

Dive into the JDB TradingBot, not just a tool but a gateway to an enhanced trading journey, designed for those demanding more from their trading platform. Let's elevate your trading adventure!

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